4 Ways to Lose Weight by Using a Treadmill

A treadmill is one of the best pieces of fitness equipment that helps you lose weight. If you are using the best treadmill in India, you will get to lose weight more effectively. Many people think running at a random speed on the treadmill is enough for losing weight. But it is not valid. There are different reasons why a treadmill may not be sufficient for you. Even though a treadmill is supposed to help you lose weight, many users complain that they are not getting any results. They might be doing some things that are slowing their weight loss process. In this blog, we are going you to top ways through which you will lose weight by using a treadmill. Read this article carefully to gain knowledge.

Top tips to follow to lose weight by using a treadmill

The following points must be kept in mind if you are determined to lose weight using a treadmill. They are provided in the next part of this article.

#1. A practical High-Intensity Interval Training

You might have heard about High-Intensity Interval Trainings or HIITs. These training workouts help you in losing weight quite quickly. The motto of these workouts is to help you burn more calories fast and effectively. Usually, you will have to work out pretty hard for a short time and rest between the sessions. These /are more commonly known are high-intensity bursts sessions. Similarly, in the case of a treadmill, you can do these workouts.

A great way to start HIITs on your treadmill is to start walking on the treadmill without inclination for five minutes at two miles per hour. Then you have to run at nine to ten miles per hour for thirty seconds and then again walk at a leisurely pace of three to four miles per hour for sixty seconds. You will get significant results if you follow the above steps for five to ten times. But before finishing this HIIT treadmill workout, do not forget to cool down by walking at the slowest speed.

If you are an expert runner, you can follow the above steps by jogging instead of walking. Remember, the time for your rests must be twice the time for your running at a higher speed. Moreover, if you are a beginner, you can do the steps by picking up a comfortable pace for you. You do not have to start your treadmill journey at the speed of nine or ten miles per hour.

#2. Mixing up intensity and time

Many people believe that the more they run at a higher intensity on their treadmills, the quicker they will lose weight. But this concept is entirely wrong. You will not lose more calories if your heart rate is always at a maximum pace; by doing that, you will not work out for a longer duration. Losing weight is directly proportional to the number of minutes you are putting into your workout. That is why it is always a better idea to start your treadmill walk at a slower pace. You will have to increase your speed gradually to see better results.

For example, you can walk or job at a nominal speed for twenty or thirty minutes one day, but you can increase the speed and workout for the same time the next day. You can also increase the period and walk at a comparatively lower rate. Many people prefer to walk for an hour at a leisurely pace on their treadmills.

#3. Workouts for fat-burning zones

Fat-burning workouts are the easiest and quickest way to lose weight using a treadmill. If you do not know what your body’s fat-burning zone is, please note it is the maximum number of calories burnt by you in a minute. But to understand what your fat-burning area is, you will need to know your maximum heart rate. To ease everything up for you, it is the maximum number of times your heart beats in one minute of the workout.

Then you will have to deduct your age from your heart rate. For example, if your heart rate is 220 beats per minute, and your age is 40, your maximum heart rate will beat 180 times in one minute. Usually, the fat-burning zone is seventy percent of your maximum heart rate. Then according to the example provided by us, it must be around 126 beats in one minute.

Now, by using the Best Treadmill in India, you can get your heart to beat at 126 beats per minute by following the steps mentioned in the next part of this section.

It will be better for you if you wear a heart monitor to complete the workout. First, you will have to walk for five minutes at a speed of two miles an hour. Then you will have to job for one minute at four miles per hour with an inclination of two percent. After that, you will have to run at a rate of eight to ten miles per hour for fifteen to thirty minutes. Then, end your workout by jogging at four miles per hour for a minute. By doing the above activity, you will get to hit your fat-burning zone quite easily.

Remember, the fat-burning zone might be different for everyone depending on your age, sex, fitness level, and physical conditions. For some, the spot might be 80 percent, while it might be 50 percent for others. Many people prefer to get their hearts at the fat-burning zone by setting their treadmill speed at a slower pace.

#4. Additional workouts

Many fitness journals have stated that walking or running on your treadmill will not be enough to lose weight. That is why you should also include other workouts to lose weight efficiently. The best way to do that is to mix up your daily workout routine. Do not only use your treadmill every day, instead use values or skipping ropes to lose weight. Resistance training is an excellent way to prep your body for HIIT training. Moreover, by incorporating different workout regimes in your schedule, you will have a lot of fun.

The points that we have included in the above list are crucial for you to know if you are serious about losing weight. By following these steps, you will see the change in your body quite quickly and effectively.

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